Now offering Thai Metta Bodywork

Hello!  I am now offering Thai Metta bodywork!  Thai is a fantastic boost to your well-being on its own or in addition to table massage.

The low down on Thai:

We are low; we are on the floor.  A large, padded mat and plenty of pillows support your deep relaxation.

You are dressed in clothing which allows ease of movement – think leggings or pajama pants and a t-shirt.

You will be gently stretched, rocked, compressed, and moved into feeling more flexible, limber, and lengthened. This rhythmic pressure – coupled with range of motion work – improves flexibility and mobility, reduces inflammation, deepens a strong sense of connection between mind and body, and creates a profound relaxation. Truly, you’ll notice a difference during the pause as I switch sides.

One of my happiest moments recently was when a regular table client told me after her second Thai session: “I don’t know which is my favorite – table or Thai!”

That’s what I’ve been going for!!

So, yes, I’m a fan, and I hope you’ll become one, too.  I’m happy to answer any questions you have.

Though my table massage schedule is booked months out, I’m adding Thai Metta sessions for a few dynamite humans, starting now.  To schedule, just call or text me (502) 533-3332.