Therapeutic Massage and Rates

I specialize in therapeutic massage for chronic pain relief because I understand what it is like to live with chronic pain – how its flares and stress impact not only your physical body but your mood, your ability to plan, to sleep, to focus.  Through massage, I am dedicated to helping your body reset, turning your pain dial DOWN and your bliss dial UP.  

Each massage is customized to what you need the day of your appointment.  I bring all of my training and experience to bear for your benefit, deployed specifically to aid YOU.  I use my expertise to ease pain and tension, to enhance your body’s natural, restorative functioning, improve mobility, AND make you feel really great!


Please call Maggie Noffke at 502 533 3332 if you have any questions or to schedule an appointment.


First time clients must be prepared to pre-pay for your appointment when you schedule.


Book 60 minutes if you need only 2-3 areas worked.

Book 75 minutes if you need 3-4 areas worked.

90 minutes is the minimum appointment time for a full body massage. 

120 minutes for those who require deeper work, additional therapeutic work, or just want longer bliss.


  • 60 Minutes —  $  90

  • 75 Minutes —  $ 105

  • 90 Minutes —  $ 120

  • 120 Minutes     $ 170

  • 6% sales tax is added.

If you have any questions or are ready to schedule, please call or text 502 533 3332.


Photos by John Nation