Depth Takes Time

Good morning!  Sending out appreciation this morning to all my wonderful clients.  I’ll make this (kind of) quick:

If you prefer full body massage with therapeutic work but have not yet extended to 75 or 90 minutes, please consider doing so.   The cost difference is nominal but the experience is significantly better.

Full body relaxation (light work, no problem areas) takes a full 60 minutes.  Most clients come in with at least one therapeutic goal (restricted range of motion or low back pain, for instance), which easily takes 20-30 minutes to begin to address. I specialize in deep, slow, myofascial work – unwinding what winds you up – and I know that when we are progressively tending to chronic and systemic ailments, there is no rushing anything. The body needs to release at its own pace, and it would be counterproductive to “force” the issue.

Depth takes time – time to assess, to sink in, to release.  If it is important for you to get some much needed relief and relaxation, give yourself the gift of a longer session (regular intervals help, too!).

Last but not least!  If you have a preferred day and time, please remember to book well in advance.  Sending extra appreciation out to those of you who are booking into December!

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