Jan 22 email to clients, with pressure chart attached:

In my ongoing effort to ensure you get the massage you need, I have a new pressure chart that – in true Maggie style – I have forgotten to show and explain to about half the clients I’ve seen this month. So, to redress this oversight, I am attaching it for your reference. Please familiarize yourself with it before your next appointment; better results will … um…result.

For those of you who are coming in for relaxation, you can zone out about the therapeutic edge. But for the many who seek specific outcomes, please listen up.

You already know I do pressure check-ins and that I want you to speak up any time you need to. This chart is simply another way for us to communicate. It’s a 1-10 scale; for today’s purpose, 6,7,8 are the relevant numbers. For therapeutic outcomes, 7 is the edge of good pressure and 8 is too much. 8 makes you hold your breath, tighten, flinch, guard; those actions tighten tissue and are counterproductive to good bodywork. “No pain, no gain” has no place in massage. A 7 may push you a little but you find you can consciously breathe and relax into it; that’s the therapeutic edge. 6 is good solid pressure that you still find relaxing.

Depending on what’s going on in your body, I can apply the same 5 grams of pressure on 5 different areas and you’ll perceive it 5 different ways. Also, as the work relaxes your muscles and tension subsides, the same amount of pressure I used earlier will feel entirely new. THIS is why I want you to be able to pinpoint your experience. You control where the edge is; I provide the power but you regulate it. Does that make sense?

You still get to relax and get into the zone. I think this will help a lot and make our time even more productive.

For any questions, please let me know via email, text, phone, or at your next appointment.
Be well. Stay warm,

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